Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You Make my Dreams Come True

Let's take a moment right now to honor several important things in life: mustaches and John Oates. Not all mustaches are created equal and it certainly takes a certain kind of gentleman with charisma and style to pull one off. My favorite mustachioed gent' would be John Oates, the superior half of the great rock duo Hall and Oates. John's upper lip is decorated perfectly. The fame of his mustache almost precedes his fame as a musical genius. Yes there are other notable musicians who wear their mustaches quite well; Freddie Mercury, the Beatles circa Sargent Pepper, but John is by far the best. John has recently shaved his mustache, but it will always be there to me, even when it's not if that makes any sense.

On to my next point. Hall and Oates are the greatest rock duo in the world. Tonight Hall and Oates play in Atlantic City at the Borgata and I can not afford to go. If you love Hall and Oates, live near by, and can shell out $300 pesos (probably more because it's actually $300 American dollars but it's Cinco de Mayo!) then I suggest you go. These guys are dynamite!

Finally, how amazing would this look on my car?

I want this. I need this!


  1. I can't believe this is the first Hall & Oates post! For this (and so much more) I am bestowing upon you The Sunshine Award for your blog. Check out mine for details:

  2. Thank you so much, Emma. I am very honored!

  3. I thought your car was a girl! In which case, not sure even the pink stash would look good! Juds S