Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A tisket, a tasket. A pink, yellow, and orange basket!

Yesterday I shared the exciting news that I finally purchased my dream bike: a pink beach cruiser we shall now refer to as Sally! Beach cruisers are great, especially when they're pink; however, they really serve no purpose without a basket to tote all your treasures around in. Beach cruiser baskets purchased on their own can run from $20 - $50. Cha ching! And they're BORING! I decided to make my own jazzed up basket!

This involved a trip to Michael's craft store. I bought:

-a medium sized wicker basket

-an assortment of flowers to adorn my basket with


Buying a wicker basket (or any basket) on your own at a craft store is a perfect (cheaper) way to dress up your bike. The basket I purchased was $6. I bought the flowers and ribbon on sale for $4. The whole project cost me a total of $10!!!! I super glued the flowers to the basket and will use the ribbon to attach it to my bike! Here's the finished product:

I love it! I can't wait to cruise around with this gem on my new bike!

I am planning on making another basket with different flowers. I am also contemplating adding some rhinestones. Thoughts? Any other ideas on what I could add?


  1. Your basket turned out perfect! Maybe you can make one with beachy stuff .... seashells, etc. .... to use at the shore! JudsS

  2. That's a great idea!!!! Baby blue, yellow, and sea shells!

  3. Ah so cute! You have totally inspired me to dec out my bike basket too...once I finally attach it to my bike.

    I like the idea of adding bling - rhinestones or sparkles. That is cool AND has an added safety feature of making you a traffic stopper!